Witec project manual format

Aboutthismanual This manual describes the WITec Control scanning and data acquisition software. WITec Control is based on the WITec Project software. Please refer to Witec Alpha300R Confocal Raman Microscope User Manual for the details of the Go to" FileSave Project As" to save the data.

8. Take a Z image scan of the sample (1) Go to" Image Scan" Scan details scan mode depth Microsoft Word Confocal Raman operation manual. doc Author: There are two options to export spectra from WITec Project v. 2. 10 into CytoSpec: A. Via the spc (GalacticThermo) data format. WITec Alpha300 Confocal Raman Microscopy Sample preparation 1. Attach your sample on a microscope slide. Mounting samples on the stage 1.

Place the microscope slide on scan stage, secure the slide with clips. Documents Similar To WiTec CRM Manual. Skip carousel. carousel previous carousel next. mems. uploaded by. Search among more than user manuals and view them online in. pdf Manuals for operating the system and the analysis software are available to the users of the system. The user can obtain a copy of the analysis software (" WITec Project FOUR" ) which includes these manuals. WITec Suite FIVE is a novel and intuitive operating concept for all WITec microscopes.

It includes a powerful software environment for data acquisition, evaluation, and processing of even large data volumes and 3D scans. Witec Alpha 500 manual (hardcopy in the lab, soft copy on the instrument PC), and training notes on the raman cross section of the sample of interest, a high resolution scan can be finished in minutes using 7.

7 Click on the Witec Project Control to start the raman software interface. 633nm laser 785 nm laser Modulate laser Currently we do not have a direct download link available for WITec Project. Our team is constantly working on adding more downloads to the site. Clicking the download link will search for the WITec Project download on Bing. Find the official WITec Project download on Bing. [a The import module is unfinished due to the lack of documentation, testing files andor people willing to help with the testing.

If you can help please contact us. alpha300 R Confocal Raman Imaging While long recognized as the stateoftheart imaging system, ongoing development resulting from our innovative spirit keeps the WITec's Raman microscope alpha300 R at the forefront of the technology and sets the benchmark in terms of flexibility, sensitivity, speed and performance. This manual describes the witec control scanning and data acquisition software.

Witec control is based on the witec project software. (galacticthermo) data format. 1. To export the data via spc. Acquisition of image andor spectroscopy data.

on and offline data analysis and image processing. Witec project four. offline data and