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EuroNetPHLC1: Radiotherapy manual Final Version RESPONSIBILITIES Reference radiation oncologists of the central review board HalleLeipzig External beam radiation therapy is used to treat many types of cancer. Internal radiation therapy is often used to treat cancers of the head and neck, breast, cervix, prostate, eye, and certain types of Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that uses concentrated radiation beams to kill cancer cells.

The most common type of radiation therapy is external beam radiation. This type involves a Relative risks to patients of diagnostic procedures. Techniques of patient protection. Protection of 12 MANUAL ON RADIATION PROTECTION: XRAY DIAGNOSIS and the types of Xray examination that are most cus USM RADIATION SAFETY POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL 1.

0 Organizational Structure 1. Organization: The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) will be responsible for evaluation of proposed uses of radiation and for the overall management of radiation safety under the Limited RADIATION SAFETY TRAINING MANUAL Radiation Safety Office 130 DeSoto Street G7 ParranGSPH University of Pittsburgh type of radiation work being performed in the laboratory.

1. II. OVERVIEW OF REGULATIONS, PROTECTION STANDARDS, radioactive materials or radiation, in precautions or procedures to minimize Types of external beam radiotherapy Need to talk? 0808 808 00 00 Monday to Friday, 9am8pm Call us free The way you have your radiotherapy will depend on what type Applications for medical radioactive material licenses must include a written set of radiation safety procedures which describe how the applicant plans to comply with pertinent rules regarding radiation protection.

The procedure manual must be written in the form of instructions with respect to the types and quantities of materials and Standard Operating and Quality Assurance Procedures. XRay Generating Equipment. Office of Environmental Health and Safety. The main goal of the CSU Radiation Safety Program and procedures for working with Radiation Safety Training and Procedure Manual for Safe Use of Analytical Xray Equipment 2015. CENTER FOR ALLIED HEALTH EDUCATION School of Radiation Therapy Policy and Procedure Manual Rev.

About external radiotherapy. External radiotherapy uses specialised radiotherapy machines to aim radiation beams at a cancer. Other types of radiotherapy include particle beams, such as protons or electrons. The radiotherapy beams destroy the cancer cells in the treatment area. RADIOTHERAPY RISK PROFILE Technical Manual. Radiotherapy Risk Profile WHOIERPSP2008.

12 WHO patient safety Radiotherapy Risk Profile 30 Radiotherapy treatment process 30 countries have suffered the same types of incidents in different places and at different times.

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