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Until now I didn't find a good manual how to migrate JBoss AS 6 to AS 7. There are some pages on the internet, but they are incomplete. Can you recommend me some good information for migrating JBoss AS 6 Perform administrative tasks for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, such as deploying applications and setting up a managed domain. Customize functionality, such as logging, transactions, and high availability services.

JBoss EAP 6 to 7 Server Migration User Guide. The guide documents how to accomplish the migration from JBoss EAP 6 to a JBoss EAP 7, which may be done with the aid of the JBoss Server Migration Tool, or manually. JBoss Application Server 4. x, 5. x, or 6. x User credentials for accessing the host running the JBoss Application Server JBoss installed as a service when running on Microsoft Windows (refer to the JBoss Native guide for information about installing JBoss as a service) JBoss AS Standards Based Infrastructure for the Enterprise.

By Miko Matsumura, March, 2005. JBoss AS Technology Audit. Butler Group, January, 2005. HP and JBoss, JBoss AS and HP BladeSystem Whitepaper, December, 2004. HP and JBoss, Linux Reference Magnolia's REST modules use RESTEasy. Final but JBoss already comes with RESTEasy modules (JBoss AEP 6. 1 for example comes with RESTEasy ).

To be able to use the REST modules, you'll have to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 Administration and Configuration Guide For Use with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 Edition 3 Nidhi Chaudhary for the manual deploy mode you have to placed a marker files as described in the others posts; Failed to deploy a war file in jboss 7.

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