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Chile, unfortunately holds the worlds intensity quakes record, being in 1960 when it was registered the strongest earthquake in the world with an 9. 5 intensity. I dont want to be alarmist at all and you shouldnt be afraid.

Jul 02, 2018  Earthquakes is a quake application that based on multiple data sources. With this app, you can get the latest earthquake info immediately from all over the world.

Also, you can search the earthquakes occurred in the past. Main Features: 22 Earthquake data sources, Covers the frequent occurrence of the earthquake area in An earthquake is a sudden, rapid shaking of the ground caused by the breaking and shifting of rock beneath the Earth's surface.

This shaking can cause buildings and bridges to collapse; disrupt gas, electric, and phone service; and sometimes trigger landslides, avalanches, flash floods, fires, and huge, destructive ocean waves Chile earthquake of 1960: Chile earthquake of 1960, the largest earthquake recorded in the 20th century.

Originating off the coast of southern Chile on May 22, 1960, the temblor caused substantial damage and loss of life in Chile andas a result of the tsunamis it generatedin Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, and other distant coastal areas. EARTHQUAKE SAFETY PROCEDURES Introduction It is not possible to prevent earthquakes or change the likelihood of an earthquake occurring. Chile has had: (M1. 5 or greater) 1 earthquake in the past 24 hours 11 earthquakes in the past 7 days; 39 earthquakes in the past 30 days; 517 earthquakes in the past 365 days major earthquake of magnitude larger than 8 is registered every 10 years in Chile.

In our work, we consider historical earthquakes occurred in Chile (from 1900 up to 2010) with epicenters located This list of earthquakes in Chile includes every known major earthquake that was felt or with its epicenter within Chile's current boundaries.