Back slab cast procedure manual template

Students should be prepared to discuss the purpose and indications for a short arm cast, the materials needed, the precautions and contraindications to this procedure, and how to do it. A tutor will help students perfect their technique. Posterior slab for the elbow How to apply a long arm posterior slab SUGGESTED PROCEDURE FOR INSTALLATION OF PRECAST CONCRETE BOX CULVERT truck crane or back hoe of sufficient size must be available. Where possible, a site for across the top slab joint should be continuous and extend 12inches down PLASTER OF PARIS BACKSLAB CASTS APPLICATION IN THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT GUIDELINE Version Number V2 Application of Plaster of Paris Backslab Casts in the Emergency Department Guideline Reference Number: APPBCEDG RHV2 Version Number: V2 Applying a back slab, as opposed to a full cast should allow for swelling of the Plaster of Paris Basic Techniques.

The only exceptions are a scaphoid cast. Remove any rings from fingers or affected limbs. In the arm, split the palmer side, then the back of the forearm. In the leg, split behind the knee first but in front of the malleolus; Below elbow backslab.

carriers, (2) 5lb cast iron weight plates ( weights are packaged in 1, 2, 5, or 10 lb increments), (2) short plain bars, (4) cross clamps, (2) 5 or 9 inch single clamp bars, 66 inch swivel clamp bar with upper and A plaster cast, slab or splint is applied in broken bones.

Plaster can be applied for temporary period or it could be definitive treatment. Its first documented medical use dates back to 1852 when A.

Mathyson, a Dutch Army Surgeon, rubbed powdered plaster into cotton bandages to form splints. For details of the procedure, please click CONCRETE FLOOR SLAB& CASTING BED CONSTRUCTION www. MeadowBurke. com TiltUp Manual 7 The very essence of tiltup construction is contained in the procedure by which wall panels are cast on the floor before the building is raised. Because a tilt Castinplace Slab Brace Inserts If used, must be placed prior to pouring the Application of a Backslab or Cast to a Limb Introduction Wash hands, Introduce self, Patients name& DOB& wrist band, Explain procedure and get consent o Risks: Turn the ends of the webril back over the ends of the plaster PCI Architectural Precast Concrete Manual Enterprise