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Farmer Field Schools in the Agricultural Extension Component ( ) Integrated Crop Management based on field observation and analysis by farmers to make decisions for crop management. AEZ AgroEcological Zone In angladesh the Fertilizer Recommendation Guide 2005 Farmer Field Schools (FFS) provide an alternative to the conventional topdown extension approach by emphasizing participatory methods, experimentation, and fluid problem solving.

They are based on the principles of peoplecentered learning and provide a means to create and share knowledge among teachers and farmers. FARMERS FIELD SCHOOL METHODOLOGY TRAINING OF TRAINERS MANUAL FIRST EDITION Author: Godrick Khisa1 June 2004 1 Project Coordinator Kenya, East African Integrated Production and Pest Management Farmer Field School Project FFS Master trainer (Specialist), FAO Kenya.

Overview of Farmer Field School AYE AYE NYEIN Golden Plain Livelihood Development Services Co op Ltd. Farmer Field School Concepts What is a Farmer Field School? Manual Development Selection of farmers FARMERS FIELD SCHOOL METHODOLOGY. TRAINING OF TRAINERS MANUAL FARMERS FIELD SCHOOL METHODOLOGY TRAINING OF TRAINERS MANUAL FIRST EDITION Author: Godrick Khisa1 The Livestock farmers field school programme by ILRI in Kenya has adapted the approach to dairy production etc.

After This Farmer Field School Methodology: Training of Trainers Manual provides guidance for running training of trainers and bring agricultural extension staff, NGO staff and able farmers up to the point of being good farmer field school facilitators.

MANUAL FOR LIVESTOCK FARMER FIELD SCHOOLS. TRAINING OF TRAINERS MANUAL FOR LIVESTOCK FARMER FIELD SCHOOLS Based on a participartory workshop held on the 17 th TO 29 SEPTEMBER 2001, MABANGA FTC, BUNGOMA, Kenya as a way for smallscale rice farmers to investigate, and learn for Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools (JFFLS) Curriculum development manual for technical officers In partnership with the National Association of Smallholder Farmers (NASFAM) and the Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM)& Tanzania Federation of Cooperatives (TFC) and Cooperative Union of Zanzibar (CUZA) Manual for Training of Extension Workers and Farmers on Alternatives for Soil Fumigation.

Cover photo Training of trainers: soil solarization and biofumigation. Manual for Training of Extension Workers and Farmers on Alternatives to Methyl Bromide for Soil Fumigation Prepared by R. Braga R. Labrada FARMERS FIELD SCHOOLS 7 1. The Farmer Field School (FFS) is a groupbased learning process that has been used by a number of governments, NGOs and international agencies to promote Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

The first FFS were designed and managed by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Indonesia in 1989 since then more than two million farmers Facilitators Guide for Running a Farmer Field School 2010 Citation: James R. Okoth, Winfred Nalyongo and Alexis Bonte 2010. Facilitators Guide for Running a Farmer Field School: An adaptation to a post emergency recovery programme.

FAO Uganda information given here for farmers consumption. This manual will help, The key principles of farmer field schools (Polam badi ) Farmers Field School (Polam badi) Programme in Andhra Farmers field school manual Concept and Implementation M.

Sachin Dutt ADA (Farms) WALAMTARI FARMERS FIELD SCHOOL: " The Farmer Field School Methodology" is the property of its rightful owner. Farmer Field School. This manual is part of SUSTAINETs effort to promote sustainable agriculture in the region. It is developed to reflect the experiences 3.

0 ChARACTERISTICS OF ThE FARmER FIELd SChOOL APPROACh 3. 1 Farmers are experts conducting their own field studies. Training is based on comparison that they For conceptualizing the Farmer Field School approach to be used in the eld of animal production; for designing, implementing, documenting and providing overall supervision of the FFS; and for preparing the manuscript of this manual.