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When HP acquired 3PAR, the high end was still PCIX based and there wasn't a prayer it was going to be able to dish out 10 GBsecond. The V800 changed that though. (which I believe is included with Dynamic optimization) all of my 3PAR arrays todate have had only a single tier of storage from a spindle performance perspective though HP 3PAR Dynamic Optimization is an autonomic storage tiering tool that give your organization the ability to react quickly to changing Dynamic Optimization and Adaptive Optimization are also discussed.

Virtual Copies and Physical Copies are addressed HP Education services are governed by the HP Education Services Terms and Conditions Use HP 3PAR info to analyze luns presented to hosts NonObjectives Basic HP 3PAR high availability advantages This research is the next phase of the Wikibon community's original work on automated tiered storage management (ATS). SubLUN automated tiering for Tier 1 and Tier 1.

5 class storage arrays is a relatively new (mid 2011 GA) technology and Wikibon analysts are publishing this work to help practitioners understand the state of the technology, the For more information about when to usethe 3PAR Dynamic Optimization feature and the tunesys command, see the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Concepts Guide, see Managing Tasksin the HPE 3PAR CommandLine Interface Administrator?

s Manual, A bad disk typically has unusually high maximum servicetimes when compared to other Adaptive Optimization (AO) is 3PARs disk tiering technology, which automatically moves the hottest most frequently accessed blocks to the fastest disks and at the same time moves the infrequently accessed cold blocks of data to slower disks.

Adaptive optimization builds upon 3PARs existing chunklets, dynamic optimization, regions and wide striping technologies. Chunklets are little, virtual pieces of physical disk.

Regions are a narrow stripe of capacity across many chunklets and are assigned to logical disks that are used to create volumes. Dynamic Optimization analyzes how volumes on the HPE 3PAR Storage system are using physical disk space and makes intelligent, autonomic adjustments to ensure optimal volume distribution and tiering of storage volumes. 3PAR OS includes the data movement engine, however it has to be unlocked either using Dynamic or Adaptive Optimization.

Adaptive Optimization this is the automated movement of regions of data based on policies. 3PAR Dynamic Optimization Software 3PAR Dynamic Optimization is the first software solution to offer singlecommand, online and nondisruptive service level optimization within a costeffective and massively scalable tieredstorage array.

Use of optional HP 3PAR Dynamic Optimization and Adaptive Optimization software enables HP 3PAR TClass systems to meet service level changes autonomically, intelligently and without active management. For instance, the autonomic management technology used in 3PAR's volume and subvolume relocation software, Dynamic Optimization and Adaptive Optimization, could be adapted for use in 3PAR's Storage Federation.

The software builds on the Dynamic Optimization volumelevel automated tiered storage 3PAR has offered since 2005, but monitors data storage performance on a more granular level. Nunes said a typical 500 GB volume has approximately 4, 000 subvolumes called regions by 3PAR below it.