Cf6 80c2 engine manual

NOW AVAILABLE IN THE CF680C2 ENGINE MANUAL SECTION Fwdmount01 Fwdmount02 Fwdmount03 Fwdmount04 Fwdmount05 NA NA NA NA NA GE Aviation ( ) 4. CF6 Technical Manual Index Dec 23, 2016 CF680 MRO Air France Industries KLM Engineering& Maintenance (AFI KLM E& M) Duration: 1: 31. Air France Industries KLM Engineering& Maintenance 2, 299 views Enter your search term: Home; Commercial.

Engines. GE90; GE9X; GEnx; GP7200; CF6; CFM56; LEAP; CF34; CT7; Digital Systems Cf6 80c2 Engine Manual Technical manual index august 1, 2018 ge aviation, now available in the cf6 80c2 engine manual section 71 21 01 fwdmount01 fwdmount02 fwdmount03 fwdmount04 fwdmount05 na na na na na ge aviation ( ) 4 cf6 technical manual index.

Technical manuals indexes ge aviation, enter your The General Electric CF6 is a family of highbypass turbofan engines produced by GE Aviation. Based on the TF39, the first Cf6 80c2 engine manual highbypass jet engine, the CF6 powers a wide variety of civilian airliners. The basic engine core also powers the LM2500, LM5000, and LM6000 marine and power generation turboshafts.

The newer GEnx family has been introduced, intended to replace the CF6 A General Familiarization manual andor a self study GenFam certification package for the CF680 engine as installed in the Boeing. In addition to helping design the school to U. S. standards, the companies have equipped the school with CFM563, CFM565B, CFM567B and CF680C2 training engines, tooling, instructional manuals, and teaching aides.

(o) Information for installing the forward engine mount platform and forward engine mount yoke can be found in the CF680C2 Engine Manual,Assembly. (p) Location of the forward engine mount platform and forward engine mount yoke and SN are illustrated in the following Figure 1.