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Oximax Npb40 User Manual ReadDownload TradeDevice Name: Nellcor Portable SpO2 Patient Monitoring System. Regulation time to without registration. nellcor npb 40 service manual. Used NELLCOR NPB40 Oximeter Pulse Wanted DOTmed Listing# : Equipment, Parts, People, Companies, Services, Equipment The OXIMAX NPB40 handheld pulse oximeter (herein referred to as the NPB40) is indicated for noninvasive, spotcheck measurements of functional arterial oxygen saturation (SpO 2 Nellcor pulse oximeter npb-40 manual transfer and pulse rate of adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.

The NPB40 displays two dashes in the SpO and Pulse Rate displays as the NPB40 searches for a valid pulse. For optimal performance, allow the NPB40 to search and lock onto a pulse for approximately 10 seconds in nonmotion conditions. Nellcor SpO2 Continuous Bedside Pulse Oximeter The Nellcor Bedside Respiratory Patient Monitoring System incorporates the latest Nellcor digital signal processing technology for accurate, reliable readings even during low perfusion and other forms of signal interference.

about nellcor An Industry Leader in Pulse Oximetry Providing Multiple Monitoring Solutions For more than 30 years, clinicians have trusted the Nellcor brand to provide fast, accurate and consistent pulse oximetry performance across the wide range of patient needs, from neonates to adults.

The information contained in this manual is the sole property of Covidien and may not be duplicated without permission. This manual may be revised or replaced by Covidien at any time Nellcor NPB40 SpO2 Handheld Portable Pulse Oximeter Reusable Finger Sensor Included Nellcor NPB40 Handheld Pulse Oximeter This item is Barely used and in LIKENEW condition!

Includes OxiMaxcompatible pulse oximetry modules within their products. Nellcor OxiMaxpulse oximeters are designed with Nellcors highly advanced signal processing technology. This technology enables the pulse oximeter to operate reliably, even during the most challenging conditions such as patient motion, low perfusion and electrical interference.

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