Svoemesto kayfun 4 manual

Excess of eliquid can be removed from the Kayfunmini this way: turn Kayfunmin mouthpiece down; put a napkin under mouthpiece, blow Kayfunmini through the air intake (1c) the excess of eliquid SVOEMESTOAUTHENTIC KAYFUN V4 but made entirely new from the scratch.

SvoeMesto focus was to maintain everything you like about a Kayfun, especially the flavor profile, while improving its design and functionality. 1 x manual 1 x exploded assembly drawing THIS IS ORIGINAL PRODUCT BY SVOEMESTO. Write a review Dec 04, 2014  my thoughts and opinions on the KayFun V4 rebuildable tank made by SvoeMesto I received this product at no charge from the vendor for c.

Unscrew the counternut [C33 from the chimney and remove it Manuals: Kayfun V3. 1 Manual Kayfun Mini V2. 1 Manual Kayfun 4. Built from 2014 until 2015. 1 x manual; 1 x exploded assembly drawing; Surface. stainless steel, brushed. Materials used.

We at SvoMesto attach great importance in using only the best and most appropriate materials. A list of the materials used for this product can be found below. If you have known allergies to one or more Get SvoeMesto Kayfun V4 by SvoeMesto at wholesale!

If you operate a store and would like to stock this item, (See usage manual for operating instructions) Damage or failure caused by improper use. This includes water This Kayfun V5 RTA by SvoeMesto can accommodate both mouth to lung and direct to lung vapers with an innovative airflow control system.

1 x Manual; Specs& Features. Thermally regulated drip tip (POM INLAY) Topfill tank Design Forcing them beyond the threading may cause them to break off and eventually leaving the base of the Kayfun Designers forgot the time when 41 different parts were needed to assemble the Kayfun 4.

On this new version, only 14 parts are present when considered insulators as well. Kayfun 5 SvoMesto. Eighteen months after release of the Kayfun 4, the German modder SvoMesto offers its fifth version of the emblematic atomizer. User manual The SvoMesto Kayfun 5 is a rebuildable tank atomizer specifically designed using eliquid for electronic intended for usage in electronic cigarettes. ATTENTION: Do not use oils or oil based fluids with the atomizer.

This manual is meant as a brief overview on the general functionality of the SvoMesto Kayfun 5. www. svoemesto. de Kayfun allows an alternate way to mount the coil with the help of 4 headless screws (not included in the kit). Remove the screws (2g), put the ends of Jun 27, 2016  Con una simplicidad y rendimiento, SVOEMESTO nos presenta su ultima creacin KAYFUN 5 RTA (single coil) de