Polaron sputter coater manual

Sputter Coater (Polaron) User Manual 2nd Edition Sept 2012 NR. I) Check the following on the front panel LEAK valve is closed (clockwise). VENT valve is closed (clockwise). The timer is set to the desired time. VOLTAGE CONTROL set to zero. II) Loading specimens SC7620 Mini Sputter Coater Operating Manual Document Number OMSC7620 Issue 5 (0511) For technical and applications advice plus our online shop for spares and Discontinued Product Operating Manuals and Circuit Diagrams.

this page will help you find operating manuals and circuit diagrams for discontinued products in the Polaron and Emitech ranges. Sputter Coaters and SEM Carbon Coaters. E5000 Sputter Coater; E5100 Sputter Coater; Search among more than user manuals and view them online in.

pdf High purity EMTec sputter targets with a disc diameter of 57mm are compatible with desk top sputter coaters from Quorum and predecessor models and brands, including Polaron, Biorad, Fisons, Thermo VG and Emitech coaters using 57mm diameter sputtering targets. Please note that oxidising metals, such as Cr, Al, ITO, W etc. EMTec Annular Type Sputter Targets.

Annular sputter targets are less common than the disc type sputter targets. They are used on the older Polaron sputter coaters and on the AnatechTechnics Hummer sputter coaters. The Polaron Quorum Tech SEM Coating System is a Sputter Coater for coating SEM specimens with an ultra fine grain metallic coating.

The main cabinet contains a high voltage power supply, vacuum manifold, and guaging. A workchamber, which can be evacuated, is fitted to the top surface of the cabinet. Palladium can be used as a lower cost alternative for low to medium magnification ranges and gives a lower SE signal than does gold. Palladium is sometimes used as an alternative for EDX analysis, depending on the which peaks are of interest. The Safematic CCU010 LV low vacuum coater or CCU010 Polaron sputter coater manual high vacuum coater can be used to sputter Sputter& carbon coaters The SC7620 Mini Sputter Coater is a lowcost manual device for sputtering precious metals (Au, AuPd) and glow discharge.

Optional is a carbon fiber attachment for deposting a thin layer of carbon for energydispersive Xray spectroscopy. More. older Polaron sputter coaters and on the AnatechTechnics Hummer sputter coaters. For the annular targets, the target material is attached to an aluminum support ring and they are supplied as SEM Sputter Coater The Polaron SEM Coater provides plasma deposition of platinum and vapor deposition of carbon to coat the surface of nonconducting sample for electron beam image analysis.

Info PlasmaTherm 730 SLR PECVD LoadLocked System. PlasmaTherm 790 Dual Chamber PECVD& RIE System. PlasmaTherm 790 Series Platform Magnetron sputtering is a plasma based thin film deposition process where atoms are ejected from a target by energetic ions which deposit on a substrate. This is the original" Polaron" sputter coater. Launched in the early 1970s and discontinued circa 1987, the E5000 was the first commercially successful SEM sputter coater.

The K400X Semiautomatic Carbon Coater was a semiautomatic version of the K450X with manual control of the shutter operation, and also fitted with a static Polaron SC7640 Guide.

Sputter Coater Quick Start Guide The following instructions are provided as a Quick Start Guide for powering up and running qualitative measurements on Quorum Technologies SC7640 High Resolution Sputter Coater Switch the SC740 to Manual Mode using the