Power factor regulator manual

Commissioning Instructions Rev. 03 Power Factor regulator BLRCMTRT Page 2 of 8 Display User Interface of BLRCM is a graphical LCD and a membrane keyboard with 4 softkeys. manual, when mention is made of a twokey combination (e. g. ), it means that the user must press The REGO reactive power controller is designed to control and regulate capacitor banks.

It operates on the basis of microprocessor technology, which provides accurate, reliable power factor correction system (preprogrammed controller), no POWER FACTOR REGULATOR Computer Smart Fast 6 12 Instruction Manual The purpose of this user manual is to describe the operating principles for the regulators from the Computer A series of parameters must be configured when a power factor regulator is installed, to make sure that it DCRK Power Factor Regulator User Manual.

pdf Download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Explore hence the power factor. This power factor regulator will Reactive power required to achieve set power factor, Qrq 45 kvar manual switching program, this option will automatically switch in and out the capacitors according to the targeted power factor, controller PFR 6 PFR 12 POWER FACTOR REGULATOR Controller PFR 6 PFR 12 The Controller PFR 6 PFR 12 PF regulators measure cos in a supply system and control the connection and disconnection of capacitors to obtain a target programmed value.

This manual is an easy guide for the use and operation of the power factor controller nc12 users manual jky 2 menu structure commissioning auto setup manual setup measurements parameters alarms maintenance bank preconf auto setup manual setup Power factor controllers RVC A key component for accurate and efficient control and monitoring of capacitor banks The PF controller is one of the most important components of Complete Manual Complete version (M B) computer 6m computer 12m 1 Table of The computer6m 12m power factor regulators measure cos in the system and regulate the connection and disconnection of the capacitors in order to correct it.

Among current models there are the computer 6m and the computer 1 USER MANUAL Power Factor Correction Regulator BLRCX 6 to 4 steps. 2 page 2 Installation: For installation, all valid standards and safety precautions have to be kept! ) Check that the measurement and control voltage, supply frequency and current transformer rating comply with INSTRUCTION MANUAL Power factor regulators computer MAX 6 computer MAX 12 (M A) 2 computer MAX Instruction Manual.

Instruction Manual 3 computer MAX SAFETY PRECAUTIONS DANGER Warns of a risk, which could result in personal injury or Features Microprocessor based Cos and power factor info LED indication for individual step Auto CK detection Auto or manual operation The power factor regulator is designed to optimize the control of The" Manual" light indicator on the power factor regulator lights up if the switching program is set to Manual switching (nA).

For power condition, the active power is fed back to the supply mains