Ajack 4x90 manual muscle

German made AJACK rifle scope. The complete set: scope, container, sidemount and base, objective protection and the very rare adjustment tool. View from top. the number is in the right area for the Ajack 4x90 SS Dienstglas. the number on the side of the scope tube is the rifle number to which the scope was fitted. this scope would have been used on the Gew98K98 rework.

this is a SS conversion with commercial proofmarks and SS deathshead mark on the barrel. the scope was mounted using the short side Rock Island Auction Company: Nazi Ajack 4x90 Scope with Turret Mounts and a Carrying Case.

AJACK 6x50 RIFLE SCOPE 100 ORIGINAL WW1 WW2. Sold for: The Ajack ZF is equipped with a SEM Mount Only the upper parts! The ZF has the reticle 1 st The optical performance is very good! Magnetic steel version! 1921 Bureau Of Navigation Manual Naval Navy Handbook; 1908 Swedish m41B Sniper Rifle cw Ajack 4x90 1942b Scope Oct 26, 2017  Adjusting the Ajack 4x90 scope Para, Lifted the following from Curio and relics forum a few years ago. Post was by Bear8mm Hope this helps The Swedish Army manual states that the scope is to be zeroed at 300 meters (327 yards).

This is approximate midrange on the scope, and may cause a slight deviation at short or adjusting ajack m41b scope I was a bonehead, and managed to delete the previous post on this subject while trying to move it, so here it is again, but this time with pics!

Ajack 4x90, has a focus ring, approx. 27cm long, serial# range for 1942 to 1944? pull examples out of law and senich. Hendsoldt Dialytan 4x BMJ marked, 27cm long, serial# range? for 1942 to 1945? see senich and law for examples.