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Force Plate FP PT Technical Specifications Bertec Corporation 6171 Huntley Road, Suite J Columbus, OH U. S. A. t 1 614 f 1 614 All User Manuals are in PDF format, (295. 78 kilobytes) Digital Acquire 4 (808. 88 kilobytes) Force Plate Manual Force Plate Manual with Acquire 4.

0 (2. 22 megabytes) Instrumented Treadmill Manual (2. 38 megabytes) PY6 Manual Bertec PY6 Load Cell (549. 83 kilobytes) Downloads; User Manuals; Instructions; Technical Bertec Corporation Bertec Force Plates iii SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT AND LIMITED WARRANTY This License Agreement is between you (Customer) and Bertec Corporation, the author of the Bertec Workbook software and governs your use of the program, example results, and documentation (all of which are Search among more than user manuals and view them online in.

pdf Force Plate Load Calculations& Coordinate System Changes Bertec Corporation Page 1 Calculating Load Values Each force plate is calibrated individually and the calibration matrix is stored digitally in the Bertec Force Plates, Jump Plates& Force bars Compute forces, moments, directions, torques& centres of pressure Introduction Force Plate User Manual Bertec Corporation!

Page 1 1 Introduction 1. 1. Overview Bertecs product line of force plates have been specifically designed for BERTEC CORPORATION Force Plate& Mounting Plate Installation Instructions. General Installation All Bertec force plates are preassembled in the factory, and are ready to be used.

They can be used either mounted to the floor or without mounting. If the activity to be studied involves shear Force Plate Manual with Acquire 4. 0. Instrumented Treadmill Manual. PY6 Manual Bertec PY6 Load Cell. INSTRUCTIONS. Instructions for returning equipment for upgrade or repair and for mounting the force plates are Bertec Force Plate System Setup Refer to the respective Bertec system user documentation for detailed information on setting up the force plate system and connecting to the host PC.

Camera System Setup Set up an OptiTrack system. Connect the camera system to the same host PC. For more Main Page AMTI Force Plate Setup. This module includes all necessary drivers and plugins for integrating external devices including force plates (AMTI and Bertec) in Motive.

During the Motive installation, a list of program features will be shown in the Custom Setup section. AMTI Force Plate User Guide Note: These guidelines apply when using the floor forceplate with the force plate PC Bertec force plate manuals RB01 (teaching lab).