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Oculo auriculo vertebral spectrum, or OAVS (Oculo refers to the eye, auriculo to the ear, and vertebral to the spine. ) As the name suggests, this spectrum involves the eye, ear, and spine.

The problems with the eye, ear and spine are the same as those described for hemifacial microsomia and Disclaimer.

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It is a detector that works with Signum Entia. It can be attuned to any type of mob by rightclicking the mob with this item in hand. capacidades coordinativas, coordinacin culo pedica, oculo manual y trastornos del desarrollo psicomotor capacidades coordinativas coordinacin culo pedica.

The oculomotor nerve is the third cranial nerve (CN III). It enters the orbit via the superior orbital fissure and innervates extrinsic eye muscles that enable most movements of the eye and that raise the eyelid.

spectrum (OAVS), or Goldenhar syndrome (GS), is a complex and heterogeneous congenital condition characterized by malformations affecting the Oculo definition: indicating the eye Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 38 rows  Jun 04, 2018  Conjugation of oculo (first conjugation) indicative singular plural; first second third first second third; active present ocul Deutsch; Eesti; Oculomanual coordination control: respective role of visual and nonvisual information in ocular tracking of selfmoved targets